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Tips to Organise a Wedding or Engagement Event Seamlessly

Tips to Organise a Wedding or Engagement Event Seamlessly | Rajan Gardens

There are some days in everyone's lives which are particularly special to them. The lives of the people may be quite long but there are some days or some moments in the lives of the people which makes life worth it. These are the days which an individual remembers for the rest of the lives. In most cases these special days include graduation day, the first salary or the birth of the first child. However, it has been seen that in many cases it inevitably also has something to do with the day when someone gets married or engaged. This is a particularly important day for anyone as it involves not just one person but involves two. It is the day when two people vow to be by each other for the rest of their lives irrespective of the circumstances. It is not only a special occasion for the couple but everyone who has been involved in their lives. Hence, it is only natural that people do their best to make this an event to remember. They make plans for months to ensure that the event is a memorable one. However, no matter how much one may spend in a wedding if it I not well planned and organized then it can be quite a dampener for all the people involved. There are many things which needs to be arranged for when planning an event like a marriage or an engagement ceremony. In a city like Chennai making arrangements can be quite difficult. There are many things which needs to be taken care of. There should be tremendous amount of attention to detail required to host a successful party. From finding engagement halls in Chennai to hiring the best caterers and making the guest list there are many things which one has to keep in mind. The following are somethings which one needs to pay attention to when planning a marriage or engagement ceremony. Venue In any kind of event one of the first things which one needs to take care of is the venue of the celebration. It should be the first concern because most of the good venues in Chennai are booked well in advance. So if one wants to organize a memorable event then booking it at least 6-9 months in advance is a good idea. It is particularly important because many of the other things are related to the venue. The facilities available at the venue is a key component in deciding the activities which can be hosted during the engagement or marriage ceremony. Guest List Another crucial aspect related to hosting any big event is to decide on the guest list. The people who are to be invited should be shortlisted and informed well in advance, so that the organizers are aware in case of any change in the guest list. Many decisions are based on the number of people expected to visit the ceremony. Hence, one should be very precise with the number of people who are likely to attend the event. In case of an event where many people are expected to attend it is better to make arrangements for at least 2-3 percent people more. This will ensure that there is no last minute problems with the arrangements. Other Arrangements Once the organizers have gone through the various engagement halls in Chennai and have shortlisted the one that is most suitable, then the arrangements for other activities should be started. This includes arranging and setting up different things for decoration purpose, setting up structures for the main event etc. If the event includes fireworks then those things should also be made ready well in advance.


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