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Indulge in one-of-a-kind experiences facilitated by innovative amenities


Rajan Gardens tethers the glory of tradition with contemporary beauty so your event is as unforgettable as possible. We have everything required to reinvent and commemorate our client’s big day in ways that others simply can't.


Explore a vast array of amenities for your ECR wedding. Our marriage halls are architecturally superior, surrounded by a limitless breadth of luxury doused in utility.



Outdoor lawn


Spread across (add the total area in kilometers or miles), our picturesque outdoor lawn is decorated in idyllic greenery that never fails to impress the guests. From breathtaking views to perfectly furnished artifacts, Rajan Gardens is a breathtaking area that easily hosts up to 2000 pax per event. The landscape is wide and welcoming of a moving crowd.


Indoor area

Perfect for guest lists limited to 100 pax, our gorgeous indoor area boasts an alluring interior that silhouettes long-lasting memories. Every single element inside is perfectly intricate and carefully curated to ensure stunning pictures worth your memory and mesmerization. All rooms, alleyways and halls inside are centrally air conditioned.



Car park

Our parking area accommodates up to 20 cars inside the premises. This space is secured by surveillance and security on the grounds. Clients booking for bigger events have the Dr. B.P Rajan Road and ECR for car parking as well.



Bride & Groom Suites

We have exclusive suites for the bride and groom. These are perfect for photoshoots, and extend privacy to newlyweds. From top to bottom, Rajan’s premium bride and groom suites are a class apart and designed for ultimate comfort.



6 multi-purpose rooms

Situated on the ground floor, three additional multipurpose rooms suit the needs of members of the family as well as friends who might be staying the night. Each room is spacious, temperature-controlled and complementary to our general amenities.



Outdoor Kitchen

Looking forward to an open-air or canopied boutique wedding surrounded by your close family and friends? Our outdoor kitchen run by in-house management ensures that every morsel of food served will be well received. Clients have the option to choose any caterer, decorator or event planner of their choice. Rest assured, we provide end-to-end kitchen facilities through innovative infrastructure that will bring your dream menu to life.


Dining Area

Dine with cherished family and friends in our deluxe dining area purposefully built to accommodate up to 100 pax per serving session. We offer flexible arrangements according to your guest list and preferences. Clients have complete control over the table set up and serving orientation within this dining space.


Swimming pool

Staying true to Rajan fashion, our 6-feet deep swimming pool provides an immersive experience for post-wedding fun. Cutting edge and safely secured, the swimming area is reserved for the couple, and cherished loved ones to burn off some steam and indulge in spa-life experiences at our location.


(Dimensions: 30' x 15')


Separate entrance for service staff and guests


The last thing you want is for guest entrances to be interrupted by well-meaning staff members and event organizers. This is why our venue is purposefully landscaped to allow separate entrances for both.


Power back-up

Bad weather, resource crisis, or something else - doesn't matter if the electricity goes out. We leverage heavy duty generators for our hassle-free power backup system that guarantees no light stays turned off longer than a few seconds.




*If you’re looking forward to an event that deems the need for larger capacity, we can provide extra accommodation within our neighboring property. Rajan Gardens owns an additional area surrounding the main wedding venue. You can book your event or stay in our three 4-bedroom villas with exclusive swimming pools enclosed by a gated boundary.



*Please bear in mind that Rajan Gardens is a wedding venue for hire. Our services do not include catering, decoration, and other event management solutions. Regardless, we’re dedicated to making your wedding as magical as possible and will recommend the best event management service providers if requested.


We can help you find coveted experts for

  • Floral arrangements

  • Music and entertainment

  • Photography and videography

  • Hair and makeup

  • Wedding cake

  • Lodging

  • Transportation

  • Outdoor lawn areas can accommodate 2000 pax (moving crowd)

  • Indoor area can accommodate 100 pax

  • Car park capacity is 20 cars within the premises. Cars can also be parked on Dr. B.P Rajan Road & ECR

  • Bride & Groom Suites are available

  • Extra 3 multi-purpose rooms are available on the ground floor

  • Outdoor Kitchen (Feel free to use the caterer, decorator and event planner of your choice)

  • Dining Area with a capacity of 100 pax / serving session 

  • Indoor is completely air conditioned 

  • 6' deep swimming pool with dimensions 30' x 15'

  • Separate entrance for service and for guests

  • Power back-up

  • Extra accommodation can be provided by our neighbouring property that has 3 villas with 4 bedrooms each. Each villa also has it's own swimming pool within the gated compound.

  • We do not provide catering, decoration and other event management services. However, we can recommend event management service providers for our prospective clients upon request.

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